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Our story began with a question: how can we make language learning fun and accessible?

Our mission is to ignite a passion for language learning and cultural exchange by creating immersive experiences that are both effective and fun. We are on a quest to make interactive language learning adventures accessible to all, in a way that's friendly to the planet.


We believe in the power of education outside of the classroom and the lifechanging impact that speaking a second language can have.


Native Speakers


Happy students




Trees planted

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Our Journey So Far



Total weeks: 10

Total Students: 270

LevelUp ran its first summer camps in Berlin in the autumn, despite Corona restrictions.



Total weeks: 19

Total Students: 676

LevelUp developed its project based learning approach, establishing courses in theater, music, filmmaking and entrepreneurship.


🌱 Sustainability

Committed to eco-friendly practices, we integrate sustainability into every aspect of our operations, fostering a positive impact on the planet.

👫 Inclusivity

We champion diversity, ensuring that language learning is accessible to all. Our commitment extends to fostering cultural exchange, creating a welcoming space for learners from diverse backgrounds.

🚀 Innovation

We thrive on creativity and constant exploration. By embracing innovative approaches, we empower learners with cutting-edge tools and methodologies for a dynamic language learning experience.

Language trip abroad vs LevelUp English

"Surely you have to travel abroad in order to have a real language immersion experience?"

We don't think so! In his role as a founder of a language school in the UK welcoming school groups from abroad, our founder, Felix, saw challenges within the English learning industry. Issues such as subpar accommodation in homestays, students confined to their own language bubbles and limited immersion due to uninspiring teaching methods were prevalent. Moreover, organisational complexities and escalating costs created burdens for both parents and teachers.

To address these challenges, we created a solution: English projects, trips, and camps right here in your own country, featuring our skilled network of native speakers. Running creative workshops in small groups, ensuring full student engagement, emphasizing real-world language acquisition, and encouraging activities that promote the use of everyday English. This unique method allows students to speak more English while staying in their own country than they often do during travel abroad. Partnering with high-quality accommodations ensures comfortable rest and satisfied stomachs, all with less hassle, fewer headaches, and reduced costs for both parents and teachers!

Eco-Friendly Practices at LevelUp English

Cultural exchange

We connect native speakers with German schools and accommodations domestically, eliminating the need for carbon-intensive foreign travel and fostering global connections sustainably.

Low impact travel

Both participant groups and trainers opt for eco-friendly train or coach transportation, minimising our carbon footprint associated with traditional travel.

Afforestation Project

For every participant, we collaborate with Plant-for-the-Planet, planting five trees to offset carbon impact and contribute to global reforestation. Read more about this initiative here.

Sustainability integration

We seamlessly integrate discussions on eco-conscious living into all our workshop themes, fostering environmental responsibility among participants.

Eco-friendly hostels

Selectively partnering with accommodations prioritising sustainability ensures that every aspect of our programmes reflects our dedication to a greener future.

Co-working space

LevelUp is proud to be able to pool resources and have our office at a co-working space, here in Berlin. You can find us here - pop by for a coffee!


Our talented superpowers!

At LevelUp English we value pedagogical qualifications, people skills and trainers with a passion for our vision. We’re proud to work with such a talented community of artists, performers and educators who obtain a Bachelor of Arts, an English teaching qualification (e.g. TEFL or CELTA) and have completed our LevelUp trainer training.

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