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English Class Trips

Our LevelUp English Class Trips combine the best of both worlds, creating an English environment where students speak more English than on a trip abroad, in a sustainable way that benefits our environment.

We organise Class Trips in stunning locations throughout central Europe, promoting domestic tourism, while keeping prices down and fun and effectiveness high!


Over 27 hours of English workshops and activities that engage students in our engaging and creative themes.

Age: 1st to 12th grades

Level: Beginner to advanced

Program duration: 1-5 days

Dates: January-December
Themes: Music, Theatre, Film, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability & Allstars.

Our LevelUp Locations in 4 Countries

LevelUp English Class Trips are now available in over 30 locations across Europe. The continuously expanding presence in four countries speaks volumes: Our LevelUp concept, which combines enjoyable, effective and sustainable English learning with cultural exchange, is widely appreciated!


Our location partners boast well-equipped facilities tailored for sports and child-friendly activities, each with its unique regional focus, providing an ideal setting for our English weeks.

The details

  • 30 lessons spread over 5 days*

  • Small groups with a maximum of 16 students per group, led by qualified trainers

  • Tailor-made program for your school's needs as well as the age and language level of your students

  • Cultural exchange with native speakers

  • Certificate of participation and final presentation for the school community

  • Complete package: Organisation, implementation & payment processing - everything is taken care of by us!

* We are happy to adapt the duration of the project week to your needs and can also put together 2-, 3- or 4-day offers.

Our partners

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Want to partner with us?

Are you an accomodation partner or class trip organiser? We'd love to hear from you!

Why LevelUp English?


We tailor our themes and levels to meet the needs of your students.


We craft welcoming spaces, engaging and involving each student.


We work with talented facilitators from English-speaking countries.


We are recognised and accredited from educational organisations.



Our intensive program and inclusive approach help increase confidence.


We tailor our themes and levels to meet the needs of your students.

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