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Experience 5 days of "English-only atmosphere” in Switzerland, with creative workshops, challenging activities and plenty of inter-cultural exchange. 


Our school trips within Switzerland provide "the best of both worlds" and offer the perfect alternative to traveling abroad.

Explore the multi-faceted spa town of Baden with us! Experience the historical charm, a rustic youth hostel directly on the Limmat, a charming covered wooden bridge as well as art, culture and relaxing thermal springs. Immerse yourself in unforgettable moments in Baden and enjoy your English trip!

A view of the city of Baden next to the river


Experience the adventure in Solothurn! Discover a historic old town, exciting activities and a wealth of learning opportunities. Immerse yourself in times past, in exciting cultural experiences and explore picturesque river banks. From the Aare to the old town, discover it all. 

Solothurn Church on the river in front of mountains.


Birds eye view of St. Gallen


In the middle of the countryside and at your feet lie the roofs of the traditional Gallus city and Lake Constance. Discover the beauty of nature and the cultural treasures of St. Gallen.

Project Weeks

Rooftops of Lausanne overlooking lake and mountains

Experience the heart of French-speaking Switzerland. Culture, enjoyment and breathtaking lake views await you. Immerse yourself in medieval alleys, picturesque vineyards and the majestic Lake Geneva. The Jeunotel offers a perfect starting point to explore the beauty of this city.



Immerse yourself in the fascinating city of Delémont! Explore the historic streets, discover hidden treasures and experience unforgettable moments. From impressive architecture to vibrant culture, there is a lot to discover here.

Steeple and street in Delemont


Our Partner Locations

  • Food

  • High standard of accomodation

  • Insured

  • Accesssable

  • Accredited
  • Etc...

* We are happy to adapt the duration of the project week to your needs and can also put together 2-, 3- or 4-day offers.

"How many English lessons can be called that: something to remember..."

"I feel free and confident to speak the language..."

"I expected a lot, but it topped my expectations..."

Why LevelUp English?

Personalised courses

We tailor our themes and levels to meet the needs of your students.

Inspiring environment

We craft welcoming spaces, engaging and involving each student.

Native Speakers

We work with talented facilitators from English-speaking countries.


We are recognised and accredited from educational organisations.


Tangible Results

Our intensive program and inclusive approach help increase confidence.

25+ hours learning

We tailor our themes and levels to meet the needs of your students.

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All Videos

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