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Happy St. PLAYtrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some exciting English games? In the classroom or at home, these activities are perfect for kids to enjoy honing their language skills.

First, how many of these words do you think have an Irish origin?

  • Hooligan

  • Slogan

  • Brat

  • Whiskey

Well…ALL OF THEM! :)

Now let's dive into three short and silly games that will add a touch of Irish charm to your language learning day!

Leprechaun Lines

  • Make a line (or two if you want competition).

  • The first players of each line secretly choose one of the following words:

  • A) Leprechaun B) Shamrock C) Banshee D) Limerick

  • On the count of three, they must race back to their lines and WHISPER these words to the next player.

  • This player must WHISPER whatever they heard to the next, so on and so forth until we get to the last person in the line who has to JUMP UP and yell out whatever it is they heard.

Good Luck!

Lucky Clover Synonyms

  • Gather some clover-shaped cutouts (or draw them if you're feeling crafty) and write different English synonyms on each one.

  • Scatter the clovers around the room or outdoor space.

  • Set a timer and challenge players to find as many clovers as they can within a specified time frame.

  • Once time is up, gather everyone together and have each of the whole group pair up the clovers so that they are all synonyms.

Here are examples you can use: 

Happy: Joyful Content Delighted Pleased

Sad: Unhappy Melancholy Gloomy Depressed

Big: Large Huge Enormous Immense

Small: Tiny Petite Little Miniature

Good luck! 

Enjoy and LevelUP your Language skills this St. Patrick's Day :)


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