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LevelUp Meets Didacta 2024

From the 20th to the 24th of February 2024, the LevelUp Office Team spent time at Didacta in Cologne, a trade fair for education! During this 5-day event, we were featured in EDUvation's Start-Up Area, where we spent time connecting with teachers, directors, students, and life-long learners from all over Germany (and even the whole of Europe!), introducing them to our products and learning more about their needs as educators. Here's a quick overview of a few of the highlights of the week!

Taking the Stage

Felix was pleased to have shared insights on the Didacta Start-Ups' stage on the transformative impact of extracurricular education. His talk, 'Beyond Classroom Walls: Nurturing a New Generation through Real-World Experiences,' highlighted the crucial role extracurricular activities play in equipping young minds with life skills— empathy, resilience, creativity, and social proficiency. At LevelUp English, we're committed to this mission, uniting students with English speakers and creative professionals in innovative projects, language adventures and cultural exchange.

English-Speaking Confidence

Katelyn hosted 10 workshops over the course of 5 days entitled "Energizing Games for the Classroom (or Workplace)." In these 30-minute workshops, participants learned (and played!) a few games and activities that have been proven not only to boost participant's amount of English-speaking, but also increase their over-all speaking confidence. It's all about the willingness to let go of perfection, because making mistakes isn't failure, it's where growth thrives!

Conversation Corner

The three of us connected with over 500 educators, school directors, current students, and life-long learners throughout our 5 days in Cologne. Not only was it beneficial for us to be able to introduce our products in a personal way, but connecting with this many people in our same field allowed us to gain even more insight into what schools and students need and want in terms of these extra-curricular projects! This type of information exchange was priceless, and it was fun getting to know so many new faces!

LeveUp Pub Quiz & Prizes

And, of course, it wouldn't be a complete LevelUp experience if we didn't have some sort of game or activity to play live on-site! Those who visited our stand had the opportunity to take part in our Dart Board Pub Quiz! After throwing the three darts, the score you received correlated with a certain Pub Quiz Category ("Geography Galore" or "Amazing Animals", for example). All of the questions were in English, of course, to give you the idea of what it is like to take part in our activities as a student. Once you answered the question ("What color does a Hippo sweat?" for example) you won a prize!

See You Next Time!

Over-all, we had an awesome 5-days sharing the benefits of our immersive English-Experiences and more importantly, sharing the joy of learning English!

Special thanks to both EDUvation and Didacta for hosting us - we can't wait to be back again next year!

Hopefully see you there!


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