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LevelUp's Spring Trips Review

From Project Weeks in schools just like yours, to Class Trips in places like the Ostsee and Taltitz, we've been busy bringing Native Speakers to your front door. Not only did we tackle challenging English projects together, but we also made life-long friends and memories! Check out our 4 most recent weeks down below!

Our first stop was at Medienkolleg Rostock! These young adults spent 5 days in an intensive, pre-professional environment, where they dove either into Theatre or Music. The Theatre students spent the week learning about the art of improvisation, and were brave enough to plan an improv show at the end of the week, where the audience gave them topics and themes to cover in their skits - completely unplanned! The music students dove into BandLab and learned about mixing beats, writing lyrics, and producing songs, and at the end of the week entertained us all with a song reveal, which quickly turned into a celebratory dance party!

Next up, we headed out to Cologne for an action-packed workshop at Gesamtschule Rodenkirchen! This was a 1-day project, where the students started with team-building exercises to strengthen their group-bond, and then jumped into the world of theatre. By the end of the day, they were standing onstage, presenting self-written mini-plays in front of all of their classmates!

On our first Class Trip of the year, we traveled to Taltitz with students of the Veit-Ludwig-von-Seckendorff Gymnasium! Between learning the ins-and-outs of theatre and music in small groups in the mornings, our afternoons and evenings were filled with fun activities like an authentic Pub Quiz straight out of the UK, or an Egg Drop Challenge, where we sustainably rescued our little eggs from a deadly fall. Together, we explored both Taltitz, and the limits of our English

knowledge, and increased our speaking confidence along the way!

What could be better than having English class with LevelUp?! Having English class with LevelUp on the beach! In Zinnowitz, the students from Herder Gymnasium spent the week focusing on a multitude of topics. Some students did entrepreneurship, founding new companies & products, while others explored Filmmaking, producing full-blown movies by the end of the week, and of course, we had students diving into theatre and music in this week, too! These final presentations were so versatile, and really highlighted the diversity of areas where the English language is used and needed!

The summer is looking even more full here at LevelUp, so be sure to follow us on our socials to see where we go next! And if you haven't booked your next week with us yet, what are you waiting for?! We can't wait to get out on the road with you!

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