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LevelUp's Newest Partnerships

As LevelUp continues to grow and evolve, so do the options for booking our English class trips. We've been forging partnerships across Germany with youth hostels and accommodation providers known for their excellent facilities in exciting locations, perfect for hosting an unforgettable LevelUp English class trip!

Booking a LevelUp Class Trip is now easier than ever. Simply visit the website of your chosen partner accommodation and find the LevelUp English programme listed among their class trip offers. From there, make an inquiry directly with them, and await confirmation of availability for you and your group. The LevelUp English experience remains the same – our talented trainers will meet you at the location on the first day of the week to facilitate an unforgettable English experience as usual!

We're thrilled to announce partnerships with the DJH state associations of Hessen and Saxony, ensuring that English class trips in these regions are now a permanent fixture. In Hessen, immerse yourself in the charming town of Rotenburg an der Fulda with a stay in the centrally located DJH, or experience a magical forest escape at DJH Grävenwiesbach with LevelUp English. Meanwhile, our English class trips in Saxony offer a blend of urban and cultural exploration at DJH Chemnitz, DJH Torgau, and DJH Colditz Schloss. If you’re a fan of castles, you’re going to love a trip to Saxony!

During our class trips, we aim to transport our students into another world. We leave German behind and create an English speaking haven, in which students can fully immerse themselves. Thanks to our new partnerships with KiEZ Querxenland and KiEZ Sebnitz, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re no longer in Germany at all. Tucked away in hidden little corners of the country, these locations boast expansive facilities that promise exciting English weeks with our team!

You can easily find our growing list of partner accommodations on our website, where you're just a click away from making an inquiry directly with an accommodation about a week. We've also worked hard to offer fixed and competitive prices, keeping things simple when you book via one of our partners. And if you can't find us as a partner for a location you're interested in, don't worry – you can still reach out to us directly, and we'll work to make your week a reality!

But that's not all – in addition to our English class trips, we'll soon be rolling out our holiday camps at select new partner locations! Did anyone say LevelUp Academy of Magic in a castle? You bet they did, watch this space!

We can't wait to be on an English-immersive week with you soon!


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